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We encourage all citizens from CANZUK countries or those who reside in a CANZUK country with voting rights to write a letter to their MP



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Sample Letter UK Generic

Note: Do not Copy the Template Word for Word as it may be blocked by Spam filters. 

Dear Title Your MP

Ensure you address your MP by their correct title.

I am emailing you to bring your attention to the CANZUK Freedom of Movement Petition which aims to build stronger ties between the UK and Canada, Australia and New Zealand including free trade and a free immigration agreement. I believe this should be the top priority for the UK government in March as we prepare to leave the European Union. We have gathered ~270,000 signatures on the “Advocate and introduce legislation promoting the free movement of citizens between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand” petition and it is likely from population ratios that over 100,000 signatures are from the United Kingdom alone. Petitions with such a high level of support are usually debated by parliament, yet we haven’t had any official news from the UK government.

Mention the large number of signatures in the CANZUK Petition.

This idea carries extremely wide support amongst the general public in all regions of
CANZUK highlighted by CANZUK Internationals April 2018 Poll and independent surveys ran by YouGov, who have found that the countries the British most widely support freedom of movement with are Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These are also the countries that the British public are most excited negotiating free trades with when we leave the EU. The Australian Lowy Institute also found that Australians view those from the other CANZUK countries more warmly than anyone else in the world. CANZUK is a policy that has all around support, however it is a policy that is particularly attractive to younger voters.

Mention 2/3 majority poll support for the movement.

This was picked up upon by the prominent Canadian MP Erin O’Toole when he presented the CANZUK Treaty Proposal at the Canadian CPC Convention in August 2018. He pushed through the CANZUK treaty with 97 % support and a mere 3 % opposition and it is now a flagship game changing policy on their manifesto. The CANZUK Treaty Involves:
Conservative Party of Canada
Foreign Affairs – C – 9 – 1349
EDA(s) – Vancouver Centre, Durham
Section – U – CANZUK Treaty. CANZUK Treaty Implementation (NEW)
Subject to thorough security & health checks, CPC will work to realize these objectives among CANZUK
a) Free trade in goods/services
b) Visa-free labour/leisure mobility for citizens, including retirement relocation
c) Reciprocal healthcare agreement modeled on existing AU / NZ / UK bilaterals
d) Increased consumer choice/protection for travel
e) Security coordination

Mention the CPC Manifesto.

Other political parties such as New Zealand ACT (New Zealand), the Australian Liberal Democrats (Australia), the UK Libertarian Party (UK), the Union and Sovereignty Party (Scotland, UK) have printed their support for CANZUK on their manifestos. I would like you to push forward the CANZUK Treaty.

Mention the other political parties supporting CANZUK.

Many thanks and I wish you a Good Day.
Your Name